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Modern educational system in Korean Medicine was
established in 1947. And the university of “Korean Medicine”started to
accept application for enrollment in 1953.
There are 11 KM universities of Korean Medicine and 1
‘Pusan National University School of Korean Medicine’with each 700
and 50 new students annually and 4,700 undergraduates all over the
Established with the goals of Succession to Korean
Medicine with originality and contribution to health of human beings,
the universities pursue harmonization of nature and human beings,
respect of life, cultivation of service spirit and globalization of
Korean Medicine.
Each university has has the postgraduate school for master and ph.D.
After six-year study(national university school of KM is four-year), the
students supposed to graduate from the universities are qualified for
the national examination for the license as doctors of KM.
The course of the university mainly consists of theory, laboratory work
and clinical practice of the subjects of Korean Medicine
such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, meridians, Sanghan,
prescriptions and constitutional medicine and basic subjects of
western medicine.


The hospitals affiliated to the universities established four year training
course (one year of general internship and three years of residentship)
for those who want to get further training after graduation.