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Nov. 1945 Organized “Joseon Medicine Doctors Association”
Dec. 1947 Established the “University of Oriental Medicine”
Sep. 1951 Medical Law (Traditional Korean Medicine was incorporated into
                      national medical system) passed the National Assembly
Dec. 1952 Authorized by the Ministry of Health.
Jun. 1955 Published the first magazine “Oriental Medicine”
Sep. 1962 Established the ‘Korean Oriental Medical Society’.
Mar. 1965 Established KyungHee Univ. & integrated “University of Oriental                              Medicine”
Dec. 1967 Published AKOM News
Oct. 1974 Held the first national symposium of KM
Aug. 1975 Established the dept. of KM in the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
Oct. 1975 Held the first“International Congress of Oriental Medicine (ICOM)”
                      Found the “International Society of Oriental Medicine(ISOM)”
Dec. 1984 Enforced medical insurance of KM as a model.
Feb. 1987 Enforced the medical insurance of KM on a national basis
Mar. 1990 Operated KM treatment in the public health center as a model.
May. 1991 Opened the dept. of KM in the National Medical Center
Oct. 1994 Opened the ‘Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine’
Nov. 1996 Established the Bureau of Korean Oriental Medicine in MOHW
Dec. 1998 Established the Korean Medicine Service Team Abroad
Oct. 1999 Established the KM clinic in the National Assembly.
Dec. 1999 Promulgated the provisions on Specialist System of KM.
Sep. 2001 Enacted Korean Classification of Procedures in KM.
Jan. 2002 Administered the first examination of Medical Specialist of KM.
Sep. 2002 Found the ‘Korean Oriental Medicine Practitioners Association’
Mar. 2003 Established the attending doctor of KM for the President of the country.
Aug. 2003 Promulgated the “Korean Medicine and Pharmaceutics Promotion Act”.
Aug. 2003 Assumed the medical adviser of traditional medicine of a KM doctor in WPRO/WHO
Oct. 2003 Held the Seminar of national medicine between AKOM and North Korean counterpart
May. 2005 Moved to the new building
Jul. 2005 Established the Korean Medicine Education and Evaluation Institute.
Oct. 2005 Held the 13rd ICOM and the 2nd Government Forum
Dec. 2005 Announced the 5-Years Plan for Promotion of Korean Medicine by MOHW
Aug. 2006 Decided to place “Professional Graduate School of Korean Medicine”at a national university
Dec. 2006 Held the 2nd Seminar of national medicine between AKOM and North Korean counterpart
May. 2007 Promoting the project of the 400th anniversary(2013) of Dong Ui Bo Gam by Government
Feb. 2008 Open “Graduate School of Korean Medicine”in Pusan National Univ.
Jul. 2008 Starting KM Long-term Care Insurance for old people
Nov. 2008 Including KM Physiotherapy in Medical Insurance coverage
Jul. 2009 Donguibogam registered on the list of UNESCO's Memory of the World
Jan. 2009 Started pilot project fro Traceability System for Herbal Medicine
Jan. 2010 The Korean Standard Classification of Diseases-Korean Medicine /div>
Jul. 2010 Engaged the Standardization of KM by KATS
Mar. 2011 Announced the second 5-year plan(2011-2015) for Promotion of KM by MOHW
Jun. 2011 Revised Korean Medicine and Pharmaceutics Promotion Act
Spe. 2012 Held the 16th ICOM and the 3rd Government Forum
Dec. 2012 Published the History of AKOM(1889-2011)