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Started with the name of "Union of Korean Medicine Doctors" in 1898, the Association of Korean Medicine(AKOM) was authorized as a medical association with national organizations of Korean Medicine doctors by the government in 1952.

The association is established as prescribed by the medical law(Art. 26). And all Korean Medicine doctors shall join the association and observe the constitution of the association according to the same statute. The medical law(Art. 2) defines KM doctors as medical professionals along with western medicine doctors and dentists. They acquire license form the Ministry of Health & Welfare only after finishing the study in the university of Korean Medicine, receiving bachelor¡¯s degree and then passing the national examination.

In 2005, by constructing a new building in the symbolic place where memorial museum and Guam park named after Dr. Heo Jun's pen name to commemorate him, who is revealed as a great stage in Korean Medicine history. The association opened a new era for the take-off into world medicine.

The association is committed to improving the health and social welfare of the people, promoting scientific research and friendship among members, standing up for the interests of the members and establishing order in medical system.

The association has a headquarters in Seoul, 16 chapter offices in major cities and provinces and 228 subdivision offices in minor cities, districts and universities.

The association has a deliberative organ composed of representatives of members.