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  • Ministry of Health and Welfare(MW) www.mw.go.kr
  • As a government organization serving the public’s needs of
    health and welfare, the Ministry implements tasks to improve the
    quality of life. There is a bureau for KM established in 1996.

  • Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine www.kiom.re.kr
  • KIOM is a government institute to conduct research of KM. It
    provides the government and bodies concerned with scientific
    and technical information on KM.

  • National Medical Center www.nmc.go.kr
  • NMC is a medical center affiliated to MW. The center carries
    out research and investigation as well as medical treatment.

  • Korean Oriental Medical Hospital Association www.komha.or.kr
  • KOMHA is an association for KM hospitals which are specialized
    in various diseases, equipped with modern medical instruments.
  • The Korean Academy of Oriental Medical Thermology
  • Korean Medical Institute of Dermatology & Aesthetics
  • The Korea Institute of Oriental Medical Informatics
  • The Korea Institute of Oriental Medical Diagnostics
  • The Korean Academy of Oriental Medicine Prescription
  • The korean medical classics
  • The Institute of Korean Hyung Sang Medicine
  • The Society of Sasang Constitutional Medicine
  • Somun Oriental Medical Society
  • Korea Society of Chuna manual Medicine for Spine & Nerves
  • Korean Society of the Medical History
  • The society of Korean medicine for obesity research
  • Korean Association of Oriental Rehabilitation Medicine
  • The Association of the Spine&Joint Korean Medicine
  • Association of Spinal Manipulation& Diagnostic Method
  • Korea Immuno-Yakchim Society
  • Traditional Korean medicine Society of Insurance medicine
  • Association of TMJ Balancing Medicine

  • Associate Members
  • Korean Fermentation Oriental Medicine Society
  • The Korean Medicine Academy of Family Medicine
  • The Allergy & Immunity Academy of Korean Oriental Medicine
  • Korean Medical Institute of Acupotomy
  • The Korea Traditional Medicine Society of Pain Control & Drug Delivery System
  • Korean Society of Oriental Medicine Anti-Aging
  • Pulse & Wave Diagnosis Association
  • Association for Laser Therapy in Traditional Medicine
  • The Korean Traditional Medical Visceral Shape for Sonograph Institution
  • Korean Medicine Facial Rejuvenation Society
  • Korean Oriental Medicine Naturopathy Institute