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Specialty System
KM has peculiar system. Though holistic approach that perceive
human body as a whole organism is applied to the treatment as well
as diagnosis in Korean Medicine, but the specialty system
was enacted in 1999 and currently the examination in 8 department is
taken once a year since 2002.
Korean Medicine has competitiveness in terms of high-
quality medical care by KM doctors well educated and trained to
diagnose and treat patients.

Korean Medicine will raise the competitive advantage
further by pursuing evidence-based medicine, industrialization and
globalization of KM as well as improvement of medical care by
reinforcing the projects as follows.
  • Development project by academic circles and collaboration
  • between academic and business circles
  • International co.research and exchange of knowledge
  • Development of medical instruments for diagnosis and treatment
  • as a result
  • Specialized approach of treatment adjusting to the need of the
  • public, for example for the obesity, aesthetic care
  • Web service of knowledge and information of KM